Built for creators. Lumanu brings peace of mind to getting paid.

Welcome to the future of creator payments. Get paid faster and easier with the lowest fees in the industry.

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The payment solution for the creator community.

Lumanu Pay eliminates common payment headaches:


Lumanu makes getting paid easy for you and your brand partner.  


Lumanu Pay streamlines the payment process to get you paid as quickly as possible.
Get paid up to 20 days sooner than PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lumanu streamline the process so I can be paid sooner?

Lumanu helps streamline the entire process by completely the vendor signup process for you, managing the invoicing and follow up process, and streamlines payment by automating the ACH process with same day or 1 day ACH processing. You will receive money in your bank account as soon as your brand partner remits funds. Because Lumanu has pre-established relationships with leading influencer agencies and brands we are often able to accelerate payment terms. Lumanu does not hold onto your money in a “balance” and immediately deposits your money into your bank account.

How is my personal and banking information kept secure?

Lumanu integrates with Plaid by Visa to ensure all of your personal and payment information is fully encrypted and that no one (including Lumanu) has access to your account or routing number. Lumanu does not have access to withdrawal funds, we can only put money into your account. We chose to partner with Plaid because they offer industry-leading bank authentication. Lumanu does not collect, store, share, or sell data under any circumstances.

Does my brand partner have to be a Lumanu account holder too?

No. As soon as you send the payment request, your brand contact will be able to access the request in replacement of an invoice. The request is sent directly to their email inbox based on the email you specify. They will then be able to pay the invoice to Lumanu.

Do I need to connect my social accounts to use Lumanu?

You do not need to connect your social accounts to use Lumanu payments. The only time you DO need to connect your social accounts if you are using Lumanu to grant advertiser access (whitelisting permissions) through our secure automated process on the “collabs” tab in your Lumanu account. If this is the case, your brand partner will be a paying Lumanu customer and they will send you a link to properly connect your accounts and grant the correct permissions per your agreement.

What are vendor sign-up processes and how do I get to skip them with Lumanu?

“Vendor Sign up Processes” is the process of needing to go through a required registration process with your brand partner to get approved as a “Vendor” in their internal systems. Not all brands require a vendor sign up the approval process, but if they do it can oftentimes be a confusing and tedious process to have to go through as a creator. Lumanu will take this off your plate entirely so you never have to worry about this step again.

I am a manager or assistant, can I use Lumanu?

Yes, managers and assistants can log in and send payment requests on behalf of the creator. All of the same perks of using Lumanu apply for assistants and managers.

Lumanu Pay

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Dealing with tax paperwork.

Paying unexpected transaction fees.

Waiting months to get your
money in your bank account.

Chasing down missing payments.

Manually creating and tracking invoices.

Risking your security by sharing personal information.

A payment tool built for creators

Lumanu Pay was built for creators that work in collaboration with brand partners. 

We know the challenges that creators and influencers face when seeking payments, so we solved them.

How Lumanu Pay Compares:

Lumanu Pay is more than just a payment solution. We help you run your business more efficiently, so you can focus on doing what you love.

Convenience Fees

Instant Transfer Fees

Micro-payment fee

Standard Transfer Time

Vendor Approval Processes
and Tax Paperwork

Payment Reminders sent
to your brand partner

Potential for Frozen Accounts

Processing Limits

Other Creator-First

2% or never more than $10

No fees, Lumanu deposits directly into your account


1 day

Handled by Lumanu

Handled by Lumanu



Insights, Monitoring,
Collaboration, Tracking

2.9% uncapped plus $0.30

Additional 1% fee for instant transfer


1-5 business days

Paypal handles tax
paperwork only

Creator responsibility

Possible to lose access for
certain policy variations

$10,000 per transaction ,
$60,000 in one day






Potentially weeks in the mail
then 2-5 days to clear

Creator responsibility

Creator responsibility




Paper Check

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How it works for you

Create and send a payment request to your brand partner in seconds.

Receive payment directly into your account within 24 hours after a brand pays.

Quickly access your payment status and history from the Lumanu Payments dashboard.

How it works for your brand partner

Lumanu sends the brand an official invoice based on your payment request.

Lumanu follows up to get you paid fast.

Lumanu handles vendor onboarding on your behalf.

Brands pay Lumanu through their preferred method.

Lumanu stays on top of tax paperwork and keeps your personal data secure.

How Lumanu ensures faster payment:

Average days saved:

We handle vendor onboarding processes, so you avoid the hassle of enrolling in a brand’s internal system.

1-2 days saved

Get paid up to 20 days sooner with Lumanu.

We manage invoicing and follow-ups with your brand partner. Think of us as your personal collections assistant!

5-15 days saved

We deposit your money in your bank account as soon as the brand pays. Never wait or pay additional fees to get your money directly deposited.

1-3 days saved

Free to use, consistently low fees

Lumanu Pay helps you get paid quickly and easily, with low convenience fees and no monthly subscription cost. We're the only payment solution that limits fees to ensure creators take home more from each paycheck.

Never pay more than $10 per payment request.

Lumanu automatically deducts 2% or $10 from each invoice - whichever is lowest - regardless of how much you earn.


Your security is our top priority. Lumanu integrates with Plaid by Visa to ensure your sensitive information is fully encrypted. No one has access to your bank account or routing number — not even Lumanu.

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Get paid up to 20 days sooner with Lumanu.


We follow up on invoices so you don't have to.

Low Fees

No monthly fees, and never pay more than $10 for convenience fees.

Lumanu eliminates common 
payment headaches:

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